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AT 902

At 902 Restaurant & Catering you can enjoy a wide variety of meticulously prepared dishes. You can eat meals from all around the Mediterranean, all in one place. You can also enjoy the nice cozy atmosphere that suits everyone, from a single person bar-seated way to a couple small tables to a family’s private-chambers to a fun traditional sit-in area. 

You will get the chance to try the first in Halifax, the original Kunafa dessert with Akkawi cheese. 

And one of our “Must try” dishes, the Roasted Lamb Shank which is an exquisite dish, slow-cooked, tender and roasted. Tender to a point that the bone falls off easily with one shake.

You can have a nice tasty dinner served by friendly staff right after or before you see our lovely downtown without thinking about traffic and worrying about commuting.

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